Daily News Brief: Are Mac Users Snobby?



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I agree the article is just meant to stir up controversy but that doesn't mean it has no merit. I used to work at a Staples and quite often Mac fans would come in and complain about products having "works with xp" on them and not saying whether or not they worked with macintosh. I dont know what they expected when they bought their mac but it seems pretty common sense that there arent as many mac designed third party products.

Also as for iPods and Zunes, I think if you ever purchased either you are overly vulnerable to bandwaggon marketing. There are tons of better mp3 players out there that cost a lot less. I picked up my 2Gb sony walkman mp3 player for $100 dollars when 2Gb iPod shuffles were still $300.

And sure Macs are just as functional, or maybe more functional, than Windows systems right after install but you can do anything else with them. You won't be able to install some of the more obscure codecs, you can forget about any decent freeware etc. That's why whenever someone says personal computer they imediately think Windows. My computer is mine because theres no other computer out there with the same mix of applications as me. If you buy a mac you arent buying your own computer, your just buying Macintosh's computer.

And building a custom macintosh rig is next to impossible and there's no point because there's no games. So this survey is right because buying a product based on price and looks alone is exactly what snob appeal is.

"Oh hey PC what have you been doing?"
"Oh not much, just playing some games."
"Oh yah? Which ones?"
"All of them."



I own and use both PCs and Macs. Both are excellent computers, but neither is perfect for every use. This article was designed to stir up controversy and has no merit.



Intel's Fab 8 is built on land that was stolen from the Palestinian people. Israel drove Palestinian peoples out of that land, formerly a village known as Al-Faluja and then razed it.

And now Intel is profiting from it. Fab 28 will sit smack on top of the lands that used to house thousands of people and who were driven from their homes unprovoked.

I for one, am glad that I do not use Intel products. The AMD Phenom may be slower but I'll still have a conscience. Intel is a contemptuous company that will do anything to turn a little extra profit no matter how morally wrong it is



I'll agree with people on the most part that a good number of Mac users are a degree of snobbish, but there are some exceptions. I used to work in a computer store myself and I sold both PCs and Macs alike. Our Mac tech was not one of those snobbish folks, he was pretty happy using either a PC or a Mac to get what he needed done. Though, he was still a Mac fan, but he admitted that even he has respect for PC users.

As for the notion of Macs being easy to use... we got more Macs in for repair than PCs. Also, they're a b*tch to take apart and fix.

- mike_art03a
IT Technician
Gov't of Canada



Why not??? Its never good to back customers into a corner.

Its better to give them doors so they can hate\blame themselves for opening them later:)



I have to agree in general, I have been in the Tech Biz since '95 and have worked on both platforms, and Macs are pretty much puffy full of air types who are artistic (or was that autistic?)

and PC's are normal.

Both Systems Crash, make you pull your hair out and your wanna kick it out the window.

at one time you would use your mac to do stuff that the PC did not do, like high end graphics, and Audio.

now that is no longer the case....now it is just narcissism and the Ipod that keeps apple afloat.

There is no peace at the gate.


Talcum X

Same here, the only mac I would buy (Tho my wife has an iPod nano...she just had to have it :-/ )

But, I think every line of products have there (dare I say it) fanbo...er... loyalists.

I have my line of makers that I love and trust in the PC market. And I wont ever buy a Goldwing. Not cuz they aren't a good bike. Far from it. I'm a H-D loyalist. But, I'm not a snob about it either.

Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



The only Mac I will ever buy is a Big Mac. Even that is pushing it.




I think the Phenom is a perfect chip for the common workplace. Hopefully it will get good sales and reputation there.

There's no time like the future.



Al Gore used a Mac to create the internet.



Well, it's official Toshiba has thrown in the towel


and it's about time. Now maybe we can start seeing crappy movies on Blu-ray that aren't $30.



I used to sell computers and on more than a few occasions members of the local Mac club would show up to preach the virtues of their chosen computer. They seemed to be offended that someone would chose anything other than an Apple product, frequently using childish phrases like "WinDoze", etc.

They never grasped the obvious point that it was not their decision to make. I would have been happy to sell either a PC or Mac. It made absolutely NO difference to me because I wasn't the person using it. My main concern was the customer's satisfaction with his or her purchase, because I wanted to avoid it being returned after a few days, resulting in a lost commission for me.

One chief aspect of Mac advertising is that it's easier to use, implying that a Mac owner needs less knowledge about computers than a PC user. This does not reflect entirely favorably upon the Mac user. I doubt this point has ever occurred to these "Mac cultists" who used to pester customers and sales staff at the store where I worked, nor has it appeared to have been considered by Apple's marketing department.

It is curious that certain Mac users appear to feel threatened by the mere notion that someone would use anything other than what THEY want people to use. I might add that after I left the computer store, I moved on to a tech support position for a large ISP. The Mac users whom I helped appeared to have just as many problems as anyone else. I have to wonder just how "easy" a Mac really is to use . . .




i agree w/ you about Mac users. yeah, I got a good laugh out of "iBullshit for iTards" lmao



i could've told you that

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