Daily News Brief: AMD Takes Page from 3DFX



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David R. Thurber

After reading the short post from the Reuters link, plus what I have heard in at least 3 podcasts (including MaxPC's) all I have to say is: If the kid was old enough to buy his own truck under a financial contract, the kid should have been smart enough to know that using your cell phone as a modem is always more expensive than your phone's data plan, even an unlimited one. The difference is always stated in the plan offerings by most telco's . That's why I won't use mine (cell phone) for internet access. (Besides, most of the time, any WiFi access point is usually faster).



If the cards are released and do contain multiple GPUs on the same card, imaging the possibilities. We are already seeing 4 video cards on the spider platform, imagine if you could run 4 cards with 2 cores each. I am sure that the power requirements will be huge, but just think of screen size that you could run with that much processing power.



Sir, your son is retarded. Or, at least he is a newb which depending on your point of view is worse. Rule #1 in life is to enjoy it. Rule #2 is to read the fine print to support Rule #1.

It's a life lesson, make your son pay for the bill - $3400 interest free before ten years time whilst paying the normal charge each month. He or you signed, he or you are responsible.



WOW, two big companies doing something nice at once... tis definately that time of the year. (Either that or the world's about to end).
There's no time like the future.

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