Daily News Brief: AMD Roadmaps Revealed!

Daily News Brief: AMD Roadmaps Revealed!

AMD Roadmaps

Curious where AMD is headed? We'll refrain from offering an opinion, but we do have three roadmaps to share, courtesy of VR-Zone. The roadmaps (one, two, and three) outline details on Phenom FX, Phenom 9, Kuma, Lima, and few more buzzwords. Of most intersest to enthusiasts are the November releases, which include 2.2GHz and 2.4GHz Phenom processors. December and beyond will see releases that kick up the HT bus, wattage requirements, and clockspeed.

Intel Launches X38 Express Chipset

On the other side of the track, the chipset formerly known as Bearlake launched today, marking an end to the delayed debuts that characterized the anticipated chipset. Most recently it looked like the X38 would splash onto the enthusiast scene on September 23rd, Intel's previous official launch date, but a little less than one month later and the wait is finally over. Penguin fans should be jazzed too, as some X38 offerings will come with an embedded version of Linux. Hop over to Anandtech for a more in-depth look.

Did the Jury take it Easy on Jammie Thomas?

Juror Michael Hegg thinks so. In an interview with THREAT LEVEL, Michael admits that amid the bickering, at least two jurors wanted to fine Jammie Thomas the maximum $150,000 instead of the $9,250 levied for each of the 24 copyright violations, an amount that would have totaled a whopping $3.6 million. In the interview, Hegg calls Thomas a 'liar' and concludes he doesn't "know what the f*#k she was thinking."

Sex on the Internet? No Way!

Way! And that's exactly where South Koreans are turning to in the wake of a tougher anti-prostitution law aimed at brothels. With a 42 percent drop of major red-light districts since the law went into effect, solicitors have found alternate locations in the form of karaoke bars, barber shops, and massage parlors. But it's the internet that's arranging these 'meetings', with Korea's Internet Safety Commission receiving 11,724 reports of web sites and mobile phone content operators arranging the rendezvous.

P2P Users Tracked 100% of the Time

That's what a trio of researchers at the University of California-Riverside concluded after collecting more than 100GB of TCP header data over a 90 day time frame. On the flipside, using blocklists/blacklists, which are lists of IP ranges known or suspected to belong to RIAA cronies (like SafeNet), reduces the risk of being tracked to nearly 1%, and that just accounts for the top 5 most popular IPs. Give the PDF a read; it could be worth $222,000 of your time...

Web-Only Music Release

While the RIAA busies itself taking consumers to court, at least one band recognizes there's another way to treat the lifeblood of the business. Radiohead's newest album, In Rainbows, is being offered as a web-only release, essentially cutting out the middleman. They've also chopped the traditional business model, and instead of charging a flat fee, they're leaving it up to fans to pay what they feel is a fair price. Site load times are a bit lethargic, but we'd put up with dial-up speeds if to stick it to the RIAA, and we'd be thrilled if Newegg ever adopted the same sales strategy.



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I seems the three links in the AMD segment are broken links.



Roadmap links fixed.


zine team279

I agree.

I'm waiting, Newegg. :)

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