Daily News Brief: AMD Launches Puma Platform



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Number Six

Panasonic's plamsa are great, however, those in the know realize the Pioneer was the best. I blame Consumer Reports for promoting inferior Panasonics over the Pioneer, especially in the 50" category where the 5080 (720p) kills even Panasonic's highest-end 1080p sets, due to its superior black-level.

Sad that one magazine can destroy an entire brand, and thereby hurt videophiles everywhere.

Oh and by the way, even the best LCD sucks compared to the latest Pioneer and Panasonic Plasmas. Don't take my word for it, just read reviews from reputable magazines.



Plasma being dead will not lower LCD prices. I'm not saying it will raise them but it definitely will not lower the equilibrium price for LCDs.



I'm surprised it took this long for Plasma TV's to be phased out. LCD technology quickly caught up to Plasma and exceeded it. I've always been a fan of LCD TV's myself, so this is good news for me! We should (hopefully) see a nice drop in LCD TV prices. I wonder how long it'll take before CRT TV's are phased out as well.

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