Daily News Brief: AMD and Intel Working Together?



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AT&T already has a declining ETF...for every month on the service they take $5 off of your original $175 ETF. AND they also have the 30 day buyer's remorse period in place as well. Always one step ahead of the curve.
For the car, now the same...I agree that all it needs is a knife and then it's done, unless they made it out of some James Bond related material. and the heat from the engine might have something to say about the material as well.



Might just be me but i'm thinking if they got some helium and started pumping it in they have a flying car lol or a floating car.



The car looks awesome... but I don't care how tough the material is, all it takes is some jackass with a knife and you could leave work one day to find youself driving home in a nothing but a frame.

P.S. I think GINA could use some seatbelts.



Shweet! I'll pay the difference to get out early. Unless you think we'll get a 32gig iPhone by next March.

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