Daily News Brief: 9800GX2 Really Cooks!



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Kindle... I would absolutely LOVE an e-book reader! It would be a dream and I could carry my stories (and those of others) everywhere. I can't wait to get one of my own. But there's no chance in hell I'd ever pay over $150 for one. And even that's a stretch...let alone one that's restricted in content source. A paperback is < $5. I could buy 60 of them for the same price. More than I could read in 5 years given my spare time.

Transformer explosion... was it Jazz or Megatron? If I were the maker of those servers, I'd use their survivability as a marketing point.

Sharper image... you mean that store I look in all the time and have never bought a single overpriced thing from?... meh.

Acrobat 9... And like all of us males above youth, it needs to seriously start looking at a weight loss program. It should also stop trying to do more, and find a direction in life...try to do something well.

There's no time like the future.


Keith E. Whisman

I've heard that a tranformer blast can cause an Electro Magnetic Pulse is this true?

Whatever though. Transformer explosions are cool. Really bright blue explosion. Just awsome. Coolest explosions I've ever seen outside of the military.



I can see frying an egg on the 9800GX2. I'm surprised it took that long really. It takes around 158 degrees fahrenheit to fry and egg. My 9800GX2 gets up to 180 playing games...

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