Daily Deals: Toshiba Core i7 Laptop, OCZ Agility 4 256GB SSD, and More



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Where's this mail-in rebate on the Momentus? I see the 80 dollar price.

I'm not sure if this will give me the noticeable 4k random read speeds that I need, but it will certainly give me the space at a low cost and be better than my crap HDD.

That said, it's not that much less than than the Agility 4 (especially not without the rebate) and the Agility is guaranteed to be hands-down better across the board.

Decisions, decisions. Why did laptop HDDs have to suck for so long?



I have owned 4 OCZ ssds and have never had any issue out of the lot...but what i do take issue with is a company that is coming close to going belly up, and is leading very quickly down a road to a cash burn, is still offering this ignorantly concieved rebates. You dont sell the cheapest SSD on the market AND give rebates.

I cant wait to go check my 1000 shares of OCZ (true story bro)!!!



I put one of the Agility 4's in my laptop.
Then took it back out, hooked up to my PC so I could flash the firmware to make it work with my laptop (Lenovo Y560p i7).
Luckily my PC recognized it. One would think a less than 1 year old Intel Chipset would work right out of the box with it.
Once installed, Works great!



Because of their shenanigans with the firmware and problems with their series 1 and 2 Vertex and Agility drives, I would never consider purchasing an OCZ drive.

It's a shame they had such poor support, customer service, and products during that period because they have lost me as a customer for life.



How well does that Agility 4 work out? I need a sizeable SSD for a, erm, computer that is running an HDD but does not support SATA 3. My full-fledged Vertex 4 is pretty kick-ass in my main machine, but I don't need that kind of Earth-shattering speed on an older interfaced machine.

The last time TigerDirect sold an SSD to me dirt cheap I was burned as it was the POS Corsair Nova 2 with infamous firmware that makes the drive unusable unless you install 3rd party firmware on it via a contrived method. I found this out the hard way.

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