Daily Deals: Logitech Z906 THX Speakers, Corsair Power Supply, OCZ SSD, and More



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I bought the Z680 for the same price eight years ago. I had always used home theatre components/speakers before that, but felt like "downsizing" when I moved into my new house.

Something in the sub went fubar last month, so no more sound from any of the speakers. It powers up, I can still use the headphones, but speakers don't even hiss at max volume. After searching, found out it's quite common problem. Logitech's only response is to send them the control panel and $200, and they'll send me the Z906. No one ever found out what went wrong with these things.

I'm not spending another $200 on Logitech speakers, much less $300.

Went garage sale-ing and found an Onkyo TX-SR601 for $50 (I talked him down to $20). Found a small powered sub for $10 (talked him down to $5). Hooked up my Z680 satellites and shazaam...got my 5.1 audio back for $25. With vastly better amplification.

So I'm back to using components for my computer sound system. Yay me.



The Z906 speakers have been $299 w/free shipping at Newegg for a while and still available at that price.



These are like the last real comp speakers on the planet, ain't they. :-(

Someone ask Loyd if they are any good …



This one isn't sponsored by logic buy?



It is!

- Maximum PC Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang 

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