Daily Deals: Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard, Acer Ultrabook, and More



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I also own a K750 and I second everything you said. This keyboard is a complete failure. The drivers suck and it takes an act of god for the keyboard to actually charge.



Watch out for that keyboard. I own the K750, it's a total failure. The battery loses charge after the first month. My max charge now is 70% after 6 months and it loses that 70% FAST. Two rounds of BF3 and I lose 30% charge. You can google the charging issue, and find dozens of results. Logitech is replacing people's batteries and keyboard, so they are tacitly admitting there's a problem. I hate battery replacement and the green aspect was nice, but this product is a sham. There's also the usual Logitech habits of shoddy, low-grade plastics that are bound to break, and buggy drivers that will drive you bat shit crazy. I've had it with them.

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