Daily Deals: Logitech diNovo Mini Keyboard, Turtle Beach Headset, and More



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This will go great with windows8. All the little kiddies who prefer a phone to a PC will feel right at home. They should make a playstation version with D-pads for the little console gamer kiddies.



SilverSurfer are you using the bluetooth from your phone as a keyboard? If so cool. Let me kow how you did it.



i use the wifi unified remote, but you can install a bluetooth pack as an optional config when installing the remote server
one advantage is one can swap to any pc in the house that has a UR server installed
the only thing better would be an android version of the harmony remote software and ir solution



that logi dinovo is LAME, once you have an android device



I've personally owned the Logitech diNovo since the middle of September as a controller for my homebuilt HTPC. This controller is awesome! I did not, however, purchase it for $150. As a note: I did HOURS of research on competing controllers and this one was the only one that had nearly all positive reviews and very few hardware issues.

This controller is also sold on NewEgg as "Logitech Mini Controller". I purchased mine as Refurbished for $49.99 and haven't had any issues what-so-ever. The refurbed model is currently listed for $39.99! I love my controller and you will too.

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