Daily Deals: Dell UltraSharp U2711 27" LCD Monitor, MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina, and More



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That resolution requires $1000 worth of video power, right--two high-end video cards?



Not according to Apple it doesn't: the Retina Macbook Pro in this article has a 2880 * 1800 (frustrating higher than that of the monitor herein) resolution and yet it is paired with a mobile GeForce 650, the desktop equivalent of which costs ~$100. ;)

By Apple's logic, you could drive this monitor in all its glory with under 100 bucks worth of GPU powah (when will Apple stop bundling advanced displays with a GPU that can't handle them?).

Seriously though, I am holding out a somewhat-corroborated-by-leaked-specs hope that the Next Generation (ie:Tenerife) of GPUs will be able to drive WQHD resolutions in all their (sub-Apple) glory for under $1000.


Led Weappelin

That's a good drop in price for the 27" but I've been looking at getting the Dell 30" for gaming. That sucker is 1300 bucks. Wonder if I'd be better off going for the 27 since I'm only using one GTX580 right now.


John Pombrio

I have 3 of the Dell 2711 monitors and they are terrific. Zero dead pixels, beautiful colors, and games flow smoothly. Size is just right for game immersion and reading magazines with pages side by side.



If only they had MacBook Retina resolutions (or higher, which they'd need to maintain the "retina" badge @ 27"+ vs 15").

I'd like to get a high-resolution monitor to which I have the option to connect enough GPU power to drive in all its glory. Dell and Apple each have accomplished a unique half of that.



The monitor is sweet but for my purposes and the way I work my three 21.5" monitors suits me fine. And I spent a lot less than $649 on all three.

But for gaming I can see how the Dell monitor would be nice, if I was a gamer.



The monitor is drool-inducing, but I'd need a new graphics card for such a resolution, and I'm still waiting on Tenerife before I upgrade. Though while I'm dreaming about dropping such serious coin (I could almost afford a primo Intel processor at that price lol) I'd like to dream about QFHD instead of WQHD, but I wonder if even the next set of AMD/Nvidia cards could drive such a resolution.

The Radeon 6850 has met its match in 1920*1080 with today's games. WQHD is beyond it.



Now you tell me... And here I am waiting for the monitor I just purchased from Newegg to arrive. Lol. Doesnt matter I still wouldn't spend that much on a monitor. I thought the nearly $200 on this one was pricey granted it is an IPS just not the P-IPS I really wanted. I just think it is unfortunate TV's have advanced as well as displays for portable devices but monitors are going backwards and overpriced compared to the others. Can I just order the panel itself and build the components myself?

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