Daily Deals: Dell Desktop with Free $200 Gift Card for $379 and More



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I repeat my previous complaint about listing items that require a rebate to get the great price. It should be stated up front. I shoudn't have to click on the link to the website offering the item before I find out the price shown is only after rebate.

While I am complaining, I think it is interesting that the comments feature on your Chrome FANBOY article is disabled. So I will take the liberty of pointing out here that the shortcuts you are so proud of are also available with IE9 and Firefox.



I honestly like reading these. You can just ignore it if you don't like it. Simple really.

Sure it may not be the coolest techs that are shown but some people do need OEM machines and other areas of hardware.

Plus the deal ain't half bad actually. 379 for a PC. 200 Gift Card for a monitor or what not. Below that it Comes with decent deals as well. samsung 830 128gb for 80.

If you want better deals or selective deals that you prefer. You should just check out sites that do just that. like Slickdeals and Logicbuy for ex.

No excuses for complaints.



HUh? you just posted.



Comments disabled for the other post.. What the heck. You guys never disable comments.

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