Daily Deals: Alienware M14x, Asus 27" 2560x1440 Monitor, and More



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The price on the monitor is no great bargain.


Number Six

Newegg has had the 27" Asus for $699 with free shipping for awhile... I just got one for the office (sadly, not for me).

For the $5 price difference, I'd certainly go with Newegg!





They have to pay the bills people. How many people just visit the website and don't even subscribe.

And I think people are missing the fact that this 27" 2560x1440 resolution monitor would be a sign that they will be more widely available now .. you wont have to spend $1000 on one or go to a South Korean Ebay site to get one like I just did last week.



The eBay sellers sure are sketchy but some of their monitors seem to be better featured and all are cheaper. Do I pay less to get more with the potential for pixel defects or do I pay more for less albeit with a guarantee of pixel perfection?

Then there's the old "to get a new monitor and use it properly I'll need a new graphics card" problem. Tenerife can't come soon enough (and be awesome). Don't know what I'll do with this wimpy 6850 of mine once Tenerife does arrive. Wish I could Crossfire em now but they're still being sold for more than they're worth :(



Methinks that Max PC needs to do a better job previewing the Daily Deals.



A glorious 2560*1440 monitor alongside a lowly 1600*900 laptop. It doesn't look like a bad laptop, though its display will look horrendous, but the savings presented here are more than negated by the cost of the SSD that it needs. HDDs don't cut it as primary laptop drives these days, you know what I'm talking about ;)

...interestingly this laptop packs a better GPU for its low res screen (which reviews tell me isn't even up to the task of driving this low res) than Apple Macbook Pro Retinas pack for their awesome high-res screens.

I wish that eSata drives hadn't fallen into apparent disfavor, I'd love to have eSata and USB 3 on drives. eSata for working with machines that cannot truly attain USB 3 speeds (and my DVR which only accepts eSata drives for expansion) and USB 3 for my machines that have it.

External drives without a "sleep mode" (cough Fantom cough) and eSata are harder to find and more costly than their USB 3 contemporaries. Verizon makes it hard to expand their puny internal storage :(



So... the monitor is 1% off? Surely there's a better deal than that...



I think it's $7 and free shipping, which is usually not trivial for an LCD this size. 



That's what I was thinking. But then I checked around and everyone is selling it for about that price.

SO...get your $6 off on a $700 monitor while ya can! ;)



I was thinking "oooOOOOOoooo, $6 off." I live in Alaska, so that wouldn't even pay for the shipping.

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