Daily Deals: 9/4/2012



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These are done in good taste, informative and are actually good deals. We have to look at the big picture. American magazine PC websites are a dying breed (thanks to the cursed mobile devices). We're lucky to still have them in this day and age. Most sites are going the way of tech and gadget news blogs so that they can reach out to a larger audience. Maximum PC also provides an archive of their magazine back-issues in PDF format free of charge on their website and are available on Google book search.



As has been pointed out in some of the other comments, Maximum PC depends on advertising and sponsorships in order to stay in business. We certainly aren't trying to pass the Daily Deals off as anything other than what they are: pointers to some good deals on PC hardware. They are clearly marked as sponsored posts. Ultimately, we hope you'll find the information useful. Of course, your feedback is always welcome.



We all know it is, and I have no trouble with the banner adds and sponsership things, but I use the web site as my tech news feed and to have 'daily deals' where the news should be and worst of all trying to pass it off of news or helpful is a complete insult to our intelligentace. I like the tech reviews thing that you have, but thats on one side of a line,and this is on the other.



You can still NOT click on the title of the article that says "daily deal" and skip this altogether.
Remember that maintaining this website is not free and until we find someone willing to pay for the expenses then we'll have to deal with advertisement.
PS: I hate this too but I understand why it's being done.



Websites aren't free..are YOU gonna pay their bills and paychecks...No. So stfu and go to a different article.



Having been a long time reader of MPC, I am always reluctant for advertisements, but I don't look at this article as just one big ad, to me it is a useful FREE service. I have been looking for a good deal on a SSD, for my new rig that I am building, and just so happen to stumble across this article with the 256GB OCZ. IMO, this is simply a free service for the MPC readers...if you don't want to check it out, don't click on it. This is not a BS banner ad with a blanket offer, but a article that features relevant info.

Thanks for the throwing this up MPC!



I agree with KenLV and Ledaara. It is clearly marked as a sponsored story, and if it helps pay the writers to keep giving you guys with free content, you have no room to complain. You can leave if you want, but running a website isn't free, employing writers is not free, and maintaining office space and business relationships is not free. Unless you want a paywall, ads are the best thing the industry has found so far that keeps these guys in jobs and keeps bringing you content.

If it was not marked as an ad/sponsored story, then /maybe/ I could see the 'it's shady' argument but that's not the case.

Keep up the good work Maximum PC :).



I disagree. First, it’s CLEARLY marked not only as “sponsored by” but it’s called “Daily Deal” and it’s THEIR SITE and YOU came HERE so to call it “SPAM” is kinda silly. Second, there have been for as long as I can remember a “sponsored article” or “sponsored video” on every page – not to mention all the banner ads. This is nothing new, other than the format. Third, MAXPC is a COMMERCIAL venture. This website is provided to us FREE (Thank You MAXPC!!!). But it’s NOT free to produce. Advertising is what pays the bills folks. If one of the ways they do that advertising is in the form of CLEARLY MARKED deals, then fine by me.

All who are so deeply offended by the crass capitalism on display (FOR SHAME!!!) are of course free to ignore it, not click it, or pass it by like you do the rest of the advertising, but let’s not be naïve and think that the good people at MAXPC write all these articles out of the goodness of their hearts. They do it for a pay check.

Again, thank you MAXPC for KEEPING this site FREE and my subscription price low so we can all enjoy the content that your diligent staff creates.



I agree with Ken here. Spam is unsolicited advertising. If you buy MaxPC magazine there's ads in it to. Also there have always been ads on the website in various forms. This is no different. This has absolutely nothing to do with their "credibility." So unless you want to have to pay for their website, or pay far far more for their magazine, just to get rid of ads, lay off them.


The Second Comi...

If you listen closely, you'll hear the sound of Maximum PC's credibility quickly evaporating.



This bothers me enough to log into an account after months of inactivity. This is NOT something I want to see on maximumpc.com regardless of its intent. Please MPC, do not do this. I'd rather keep this website as my homepage.



I can't reply to a comment without triggering a spam filter, but somehow this is ok?



is it just me or does it seem that mpc just served spam is the news section?



Yes it does,also a lot of the posts are looking very much like infomercials.



No big deal atleast it tells you it is advertising, you both should go get your news somewhere else unlike you I enjoy this site it be better if i didnt have to see your stupid negative comments anyways

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