Daily Deals 9/26/12: Samsung 830 256GB $180, Dell 24" IPS Monitor, and More



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Damn you guys really suck at finding deals, you completely missed all the shit on Woot.com today...



Darn, I wish I'd known about their featured item earlier: Remington King of Shaves 5-Blade Razor Kit with 15 Cartridges . . .



Lol, thats one of the few reasons I stopped goin there. Most electronic stuff are of obsolete value or are crappy refurbs.

You guys need to chill about the damn AD! It's nowhere near obtrusive as an annoying popup AD. Not like you have to click on it to view another article anyways. (Opps, I hope I'm not givin MPC an idea here)

You see main pic of interest, You click page!
You click page and still see none, You send Big Dinos to MaxPC!
You can't send Dino's coz you babies, You Fap!

...Fappin along to other articles. Now GTFO of my cave and cry some moar!


Bullwinkle J Moose

Yeah and Newegg has the same SSD on sale till midnight tonight for $169

Enter Promo Code EMCYTZT2258



Sorry, max PC, but these ads everywhere are getting in the way to the point of me not being able to actually stand reading this Site. I may just go elsewhere from now on.

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