Daily Deals: 27" Dell UltraSharp, 256GB OCZ SSD, and More



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Yeah good price on the Ultrasharp - but really, it's what it should list at, not what it goes on sale for, considering the fact that you can buy 2 Korean 2560x1440 27" screens for about that ($630). And, that includes the shipping cost.



Too bad that monitor aesthetically looks like dog poo.



It only does to you because you have bad taste. I have the U2711, and it looks great; this one appears to look quite similar.

(Normally I wouldn't pick on someone for not liking the way something looks, that's all down to personal preference, but frankly, number one, that's just ridiculous, the frame on this thing is relatively thin and modestly done. Number two, I'm sick of people stating opinions on appearances as though they were the world's appointed beauty consultant. Guess what buddy, you haven't been, and no one would give you the office if it existed.)

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