Daily Deals: 256GB OCZ Agility 4 SSD, Dell UltraSharp 24" Monitor, and More



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Do SSD's live more than a year or two yet?



lol yes, yes they do
stick to a decent brand/ one that uses
"quality" memory/ quality control

people will give you their anecdotal evidence on why they had a particularly hard/ frustrating time with a particular brand, but the bottom line is if you stick to the players that play hardball in the industry, you'll enjoy a great ssd

1 more thing, i'd say to not go small.. like oh well this ssd is 60 bucks, and its a 64GB... SMH no, no, no

capacity will make you happy, especially now days when the higher capacities 480/512 can be found at discounted prices, and usually have better throughput

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