Daily Deals: 128GB Flash Drive, EVGA GeForce GTX 660, and More



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Does anyone have any experience with that 128 Gb Centon DataStick?

Sixty-five dollars seems like a hell of a good deal for 128 Gb worth of keychain storage if it doesn't have a bad failure rate or something...



Don't have the 128 but I've had a 64 for awhile now. Works just fine but it's definitely not the speediest USB2 drive around. If all you are looking for is storage though, it should be fine.




Yeah, I'm not too worried about its write-speeds and stuff. I just want one that I can carry on my keychain with a buttload of storage capacity. Thanks, man.


Keith E. Whisman

My new 60" LG Plasma TV seems to work great at playing almost every movie format I can load on to my $10 16Gb Walmart thumb drive so I can only imagine how nice it would be to use a 128Gb drive. I have thought of buying a 3TB 3.5" drive and sticking it in a USB enclosure and hooking that up to my entertainment center with all my movies and music but if thumb drive capacities can go up more and prices come down more, I may just wait a little longer on that and see what happens.

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