CrossFire and SLI Performance Fix for Vista, Part Deux



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Why can't microsoft just give up on Vista? I really think they would stand to benefit from continuing to support XP as their main OS. They should add directX10 support and continued SP releases until their next OS.

There's no point forcing ourselves to look at the brighter aspects of vista. I don't think the aero design is good at all, it has no real benefits over the standard windows GUI and is a complete system hog. If i wanted something stupid like that I would go out and buy a mac. Now Microsoft is losing customers to Macintosh because of their failed attempt to be like them.

On my new laptop that came loaded with Vista i start off with a whole gig of ram from a fresh boot. I know vista can run on less than this ammount and it's just taking advantage of the space for benefits in performance but it's still just way too much.

It's a downgrade from xp. It's absolute garbage. Why does microsoft have to keep forcing this system out of the gate. People would still be buying just as many (or more) computers loaded with xp if they hadnt even bothered to launch this tub of lard OS.

Should anyone have to deal with these fixes when we already have a perfectly functional (and better) OS with xp. No we shouldn't.

Just give me dx10 for xp plz. I dont want to have to bog down my next gaming rig with vista.

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