Cowon iAudio 7 Digital Media Player



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You don't mention the single feature that distinguishes this player from all others - battery life. Most players of this type are in the 25 hour range. This one's rated at 60 hours. Adjusted for typical manufacturer testing methodology, you can reasonably expect about 40 hours of real-world playback. If I had to guess, the battery life is why the player is chunkier than other players in this class (bigger battery?). If so, this is a modest compromise for superior performance. Also, to dis this and other players in this class for having small screens and video performance is to miss the point. These players are audio devices first, video players ninth or tenth. The real downer for me however is the lack of Audible support. You should test the 'best' player in this class - the Insignia Pilot (no bs). As a do everything-well audio device, it's at the head of the class.

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