Corsair Flash Voyager 8GB


Corsair Flash Voyager 8GB


Corsair’s Flash Voyager isn’t the largest thumb drive around, but it sure is affordable, as well as speedy. In our tests, the Voyager ran away from all the others here in large-file transfers, and only Kingston’s drive could match it in medium-size JPG file copies.

Indeed, the Voyager only fell down hard in one area: our small-file transfer test, in which we copy several thousand archived Word documents to the drive. The Voyager, which spanks the others when swallowing a Norton Ghost image or a half-gig game patch, slows to a crawl copying 500MB worth of text files.

To be fair, almost every key we’ve tested blows chunks in this respect. Corsair would likely say that an 8GB key gets used for large-file transfers, not Word files. Still, it’s something to think about when you’re waiting for that folder of Office docs to copy over at 5 p.m. on Friday.

The Voyager supports Corsair’s TrueCrypt security using 256-bit encryption but, oddly, our drive didn’t ship with the utility. Corsair said it was an error and that shipping product would include the app.

Despite the Voyager’s issues with small-file transfers, we’re still fans. After all, you can transfer an entire DVD to it in mere minutes and still have room left over.

Month Reviewed: January 2007
+ THUMB: Fastest at writing large files.
- INDEX FINGER: Chokes on kilobyte-size files
Verdict: 9



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Gordon, you made a comment in passing somewhere in the June issue, iirc, that the Voyager had "been renamed to Voyager GT." That isn't true -- the GT is their new higher speed line with dual flash controllers for improved throughput. I haven't retried your test, but I can tell you that subjectively my new 8gb Voyager GT is faster than my older 4gb Voyager (which, in turn was, I think, faster than the Voyager 8gb part).

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