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That is why marketing advertising people like words like 'best.' He didn't say provides the coldest solution only the 'best.' It certainly depends on how you define best. I don't want arcticles filled with esoteric things most people will never use ($10,000 custom paint jobs come to mind). When I think of best of the best I don't want the most outlandish thing available but rather the best of mainstream hardware.

Sure, 'better' (as in colder) methods are out there. Liquid Nitrogen is OK, but let's go for immersion in Liquid Helium if you really want cold (2.7 Kelvin, baby!).

Seriously, what is the point of running a CPU at -35C? Most CPUs aren't even designed to be stored at the low of temperature. Other than bragging in forum posts, what does it get you? If a cooler keeps the CPU cool enough to overclock it to the limit of the motherboard or some other bottleneck without overheating it has served its purpose.

Idea for an arcticle: compare maximum stable clock vs. temperature. Just how cold does the CPU need to be to get maximum overclocking.




The first sentence to the review is, in itself, blatantly false. While the Peltier/Water cooling hybrid that CoolIT offers is quite good, it is hardly the best. I've got a Vapochill Lightspeed that holds the CPU around -35C. The CoolIT solutions will never maintain that kind of temperature.



A $900 cooler? Seriously? Best-performing, but that's quite a hefty sum (and external module) for what you get.



focher is still right. the first sentence is false. plus, phase change coolers arent even the coolest solution. liquid nitrogen is cooler. like, 265 degrees cooler. liquid N2 runs temps of lower than -300 degrees.



"Best" is a subjective term.  Some people factor in value for your money when they are determining what is best.  A component that costs more than their mortgage payment is probably not the best solution for them.

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