Cooler Master Susurro


Cooler Master Susurro


Cooler Master says that the word Susurro means “silent” in Latin. And we believe it, based on this cooler’s sound profile (and the fact that we looked the word up). The Susurro specs list the noise output at 16dbA, and that sounds about right. Unfortunately, while this cooler is quiet and easy to mount, its cooling performance is lacking.

It should be noted right up front that this cooler is intended for AMD processors exclusively, so Intel fanboys should skip this review. The Susurro mounts using the AMD backplate and is compatible with Socket 939, 940, and 754 CPUs. Cooler Master claims the cooler will also work with Socket M2—AMD’s upcoming socket which will replace Socket 939. The M2 socket (rumored to be named Socket F) is supposed to launch in mid-2006, so while it’s nice to know that the Susurro will work with the future socket design, it would seem that any Socket 939 cooler will also be compatible with Socket M2, because this cooler mounts using the basic AMD backplate. If that’s true, this “compatibility” isn’t an especially noteworthy feature.

Installation of the Susurro is simple: Just drop it onto the backplate, secure a tension arm, and you’re done. The cooler uses a massive copper heatsink that weighs 685 grams, which is astonishing given its “low profile” stature. Usually heatsinks this size weigh half as much. The Susurro sports a 9.2cm fan that spins at an inaudible 800rpm at idle. Under load it cranks up to 2800rpm, making a bit more noise, but nothing we could hear over our test system’s case fans.

As the benchmarks show, the Susurro wasn’t as cool as the stock AMD FX-55 reference cooler during our testing. Granted, its temperatures are perfectly acceptable and the unit is certainly quiet, but with performance this close to the stock unit (which is also relatively quiet), it’s difficult to recommend the Susurro .

Month Reviewed: March 2006

Verdict: 8





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