Cooler Master Hands-On



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Is coolermaster Glacier 600 (RL-VAA-FN11-GP) Compatible with Thermaltake BigWater 760i? Is Glacier 600 NICKEL or PLATING???



Alienware also has the screws directly on the case like the above picture. For a case-only though, good that they finally did that. I'm iffy about the hard drive bays. I had the Antec LanBoy with that same type of hard drive cage holder, and my drives would not lock into place. They would always have to go in at an angle like the drive would slip out of its tray.

Overall though, I might consider getting one.


Talcum X

Compaq has been supplying your drives screws in their cases for years. Look like a standard socket head, without the hex socket, it's used in their locking mechanism for drives. Tho, some other head type screws will work (somewhat), these aren't something you can pick up just anywhere and make it most secure. Ah, proprietaryism...gotta love it.

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