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Which would be best for my first rig any suggestions please.



This case is definitely worthy of having been the Dream Machine 2007 case. Based on that (and the $90 rebate), I bought it and definitely do not regret it.

I run a Core2 Duo, 750 Watt Thermaltake power supply along with an EVGA 8600 Superclocked card, no heat issues at all.



I purchased the Comos 1000 after reading the review by maximumpc. The case is spacious and has all the bells and Whistles the review mentioned. However, that baby heats up. I had an intel quad-core FX6700 cpu and 6 hard drives in it. The cpu and the motherboard temperatures were both around 50 degrees celsius. Too hot for my taste. I rma the case and purchased a cooler master stacker 830. I do not use water cooling. I do not want to deal with the maintenance involved with a water cooling. For cooling, I replaced all the cooler master fans, and added some, with a combination scythe s-flex 1200 and 1600 rpm fans (total of six).
The noise is minimal and the cpu and motherboard temperature are now around 36 degrees celsius.

Note to maximumpc: When testing for heat, please load up the case to the max so that we will know what to expect in the extreme scenario.



is there any case that has the resemblance/features like the cosmos case?



Is this door reversible? We have to know!



I have one of these cases and there is a hard drive activity light on the top panel. Either you guys didn't hook it up right or you reviewed a pre-production case and Cooler Master added it later... My drive light flickers away just as it should!



I have one of these. My drive light is right on the top, flickering away.

- Gamer

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