Cooler Master 690



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This is a great case for me.  My previous case was a Raidmax Smilodon and it could not control the heat well enough.  I have 5 hard disks and two NVidia 9800GTX+ cards in a Core2Quad setup.  This CoolerMaster handles my setup easily.  The build quality is excellent and I can find no fault with any of the components internally.  As was noted, the cable management is removeable and you can route things as you see fit.  It's a big solid case with plenty of room for someone who needs room. 

Now I just need to get rid of the Raidmax case...



Whisptech is right especially about the dust build up and how it's hardly cleaned on computers, most peoples solution is to get cans of compressed air, i've cut custom sized HEPA filters and placed them near my two intake fans which are near the bottom side of the case i exhaust it through the top of the computer with some other fans which are slightly more powerful to make sure no dust comes back in. As for all the <a href="">power cables</a> you can easily run them your self however you need and whatever is best for your motherboard layout.


I have looked at this case up close and I will tell you these reviewers are clueless. They worried about a floppy and sata cable connector that are sometiems sideways on a mobo. I am surprised they didn't whine about the some times IDE ones lol.

As was mentioned in other replies the cable management system is removable and nothing in the physics of computer cables states that the cables have to be perfectly straight and that you can't put the cables above or skip a loop.

As for the bottom fan holder it is optional. Personally I wouldnt even use that since dust build up a lot more easily under a computer anyways and less likely cleaned so useless in my opinion plus a master or wire managment could work there way around this issue.

If you ever need a real reviewer give me a shout I am always up for free gear!!!!!!!


Matt Fura

I can't even begin to tell you how wrong you are about this case. If you finger was anywhere NEAR the pulse of the PC enthusiast scene, you would well know just how well received and liked this case is. Not just because of the quality of the design but also the price point.

And just to point out a major falsity (and to prove you have no idea what you're talking about) you're statement about not being able to fit a fan in the bottom slot is complete bull. In my 690, with either my Corsair HX620 or my FSP GLN-700 installed, I am able to run a not only a 120mm fan, but also a 140x25mm fan with absolutely NO issues and plenty of room to spare.

Also, the HD holders were designed this way for a reason. That reason is not just ease of installation (4 HD's took me all of three minutes to install) but to also quiet the HD's while in use. This is due to them being suspended in the "flimsy" holder away from any metal reducing vibration and platter noise.

To close, you review is so misleading and far from the truth regarding this case one just has to laugh. Please think and do some research before posting bogus reviews such as this.

Also, to some proof as to how good this case is:



I rate this review a 3.5 out of 10.



I own one of these.

screws are placed right in front of your face, and if your arms cant reach your face then yes they are inconviniently place. and cmon how many times are you going to take out screws, its only for installation.

drive bays ARE flimsy for a reason, so you can PUT the hard drive in, the dont become flimsy with a hard drive in them, they become stiff, because the hard drive is made of metal.... not pudding.

for the "inconvenient" cable management system... thats why you have the ability to unscrew the cable managenent holders.

the cables at the top can be bent, thats why they are cables, not stiff rods. i put my dvd drive on the uppermost slot with no problems. you guys have to think more, not just blabber your mouths.....

i dunno about you but i "managed" to place a 120 fan and my 750watt power supply next to each other, and i used the white plastic cord wrap on the outside of the hard drive case, to hold my cables above the fan. which direct air to hard drives. it took my hard drives heat down to 28celcius (i have 3 hard drives).

maybe you guys should try reviewing your stuff with actual parts.... and seriously who uses a floppy drive? (is that like 1meg of space???, i can fit more info on my finger....) intel has removed the connector entirely from their motherboards....

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