Comcast Caught Filtering Bittorrent and Lying About It



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Can i really be the only one who is having a wonderfull time with Xfinity! aka comcast ive had my service for 2 years i get double the speed i pay for maybe even more the service is always on, my torrents never go below 1.8MB sec down can it be just my area? who knows but i can only saw the down side to comcast is the robots that read from a piece of paper to help you best thing i can say is run linux with a firewall infront of it best bet another linux machine as the firewall encrypt everything be happy



I just switched TO Comcast because of their cheaper all in one package.  I hope when I need to pull WoW patches or do something LEGAL via BitTorrent that it doesn't take forever and a day.  I've started saving my WoW update patches to a separate folder so when I build my next rig and install WoW, I don't have to pull the patches, just run the installers I saved.

Sincerely yours, from FOB Striker, Iraq,

SGT Samuel E. McClard II

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And as soon as it is available in my area, GOODBYE to Comcast. Not that I like or trust Verizon but competition is needed. I plan on writing letters to Comcast letting them know why they got dropped...because of the filtering nonsense.

I do online gaming, my son does WOW, and sometimes we LAN with private servers and our friends connect with Hamachi. For 3 years, we never had problems, then suddenly...weeks and weeks we had trouble. Comcast said it was us, not them. Then the news broke and it all added up.

FIOS is happening in 2 towns to the east and west of us. Our population is about the same and it is an upscale town too. I know FIOS is maybe 12 months away. I CANNOT WAIT TO GET SOME REVENGE!



This is definately sick. I myself worked tech support for comcast, and know how many people have been effected by their filtering. Worst part is that the reset packets were not only interupting P2P clients, but also remote desktop and online gaming for certain customers. The thing that people need to understand is that Comcast doesn't care if what you're doing is illegal. They only care about their bottom end. I was luckily working for a sub-contractor of comcast, but even then the corporate policies were felt. Will Smith's fake letter between CEO's really isn't that far off of business practices....

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Another Compcrap shenanigan.
It's not like they don't already rake in somewhere north of 100 dollars per month for hundreds of channels that can only be watched one at a time.

They talk like they have the fastest internet around, but I've never seen it. The difference in speeds between Comcrap and DSL is barely noticeable as long as I'm not downloading 8gig ISOs. Well, I guess now it's not even noticeable if I am dowloading 8gig isos.

They're not so much stopping people from doing illegal things. They don't really need to. If they were ever subpoenad in a file sharing case, they could easily divulge as much information as is necessary.



I totally agree -- if bandwidth is the problem, address the bandwidth issue, whether by throttling all users or offering tiered pricing for higher use. What someone chooses to use that bandwidth for is really none of their business. There are too many legitimate uses of p2p to justify blocking the transfers altogether.



Good ole' Craptastic. I wish FIOS would hurry up and come to my area.



I see your point now.



What Comcast and all ISPs should be concentrating on is making sure each subscriber gets the bandwidth that they are paying for. This should be done by load leveling the bandwidth going to each subscriber, not by limiting certain types of traffic.



Totally unfair!

I pay for my account. My account covers my connection and its bandwidth. Now I am being penalized for actually using that bandwidth?

If they offer 6mb/s downstream as part of their service, how can they complain about what a customer is (legally) using that bandwith for?

I should write a quick little app that continually downloads some massive file, deletes it, and then redownloads it again via HTTP over and over again. It's my bandwidth and should be able to use it (legally) as I see fit.

If customers are actually using what they are paying for and their network can't handle what they promised, then they should increase their infrastructure to be able to handle it.

Hmmm, I wonder if this could be used by that person who got nailed for MP3 sharing. "It wasn't me, your honor. Comcast impersonated me and shared all of my music files."




After telling my boss to use Bittorrent to download a copy of Linux, and him telling me it took 2 days, I was beginning to wonder what the problem was. Indeed Bittorrent is used for illegal things, but so are cars, does that mean everyones drivers licence should be revoked?

I have to say tho, if I owned an ISP company. I would want to have full rights to say what can be used on it. I have used Comcast for along time and I have to say it has been the best ISP I have ever had. Of course I dont sit and download alot of illegal stuff, but I do use alot of traffic playing WOW all day. As for the WoW patches, I have had no problems. Mine download at my maximum bandwidth. So your problem may be elsewhere.

Just some random thoughts on the matter.
- Joe -



I don't mean to play devil's advocate, but it kind of seems like a huge double-standard though.. sure I don't like that comcast would do such an abusive thing, but they're getting in legal trouble for stopping people from doing illegal things?(well mostly) the irony..



Why should Comcast get to decide that those using Bittorrent are automatically criminals? There's no denying pirated software gets distributed via Bittorrent, but so does legal content, such as Linux distributions, large game demos and patches, legal movies and TV shows, etc. If Comcast is going to limit Bittorrent traffic based on the assumption that it's being used illegally, then by that same logic, they might as well throttle internet connections altogether.



Exactly. The minute Comcast started screwing with my WoW patches, their time was limited in my house. God. I hate Comcast.

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