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  I work on the industrial side of things and I was wondering when you folks were going to get around to building something, software or hardware , to allow folks to try and troubleshoot their cars when the "check engine" lite comes on. The  $29.95 code readers are great but not to functional after that. Diving into the nuts and bolts of communicating with the different engine , transmission and peripherial computers and retreving  and displaying that info, and making it a wireless hookup, creates the challenge.

   How 'bout  music appliance that holds all of your music cd collection, in .FLAC or .OOG, allowing ripping, encoding and hi quality playback,  from something the size of a VIA Artigo A1100, complete with a portable  5 inch touch screen remote control. Linux OpenICE, DSL, Imedia as OS . The idea is to mount the whole thing into something that will fit in the palm of your hand. Streaming boxes have already been done.

Just some thoughts folks 



nsk chaos

i actually tried to build a multi-touch computer for my physics project based on your article haha


Michael Ellis

This is a great idea. Keep the projects coming.



Well done on the article and I look forward to more. I believe you're correct in that a DIY person covers many different types. I am not what I'd consider a consumate geek as came into this only 10 years ago and at 58 it takes me some effort to stay up. But just like I did with my car (before computerization of engines), I learned what made it work by tearing a few apart and it sure made me a better car owner and more able to reply on my own wits instead of relying on others. Same with computers now. I build my own as know what I have and when something goes wrong I am better prepared to handle it. I couldnt and dont want to write software or even solder a motherboard. I like that technology has become componentized and thus easier for folks like me to be a DIY'er. But I appreciate folk like you who are willing to share such exercises which allow me to explore deeper and thus enable myself better to utize and explore what I might never had done before.



Loved the article on the multitouch surface, but I wish you'd supply more detailed diagrams and blueprints on it for camera, projector, and mirror locations.



I have enjoyed the work of Alex Castle since he joined the magazine and have been particularly engrossed by his maker projects. I think it is a great idea that the staff are going to begin writing columns like these. It will differentiate the content more. There are lots of places to get benchmarks and product reviews. Since the advent of the website and the podcast, one of the things that the MAXPC team has done is differentiate itself by its people. Whether it be Gordon's rant or the team's L4D fetish or whatever - the content I get here has a personality. Jon had the hotrod and car analogies all the time. Now we listen to  debates on star destroyers and Harry Potter. How's this for a (maybe lame) suggestion: I still haven't tried water cooling and want to. I know you guys have done water-cooling HOWTOs and articles galore. The reason I want to try it is because my GTX295 gets so loud I can't hear myself think. When/if you run across an exceptionally easy way to water cool a CPU and GTX295 I would be all ears. I am finally to the point I would like to give it a try.



Can you teach us to make a "Painstation"?  I need one very badly.



+ 1 for the article and two thumbs up for MaximumPC.



A great idea and a great article.  I registered on the forum back in 2007 and this is the first time I've bothered saying anything.  I guess that in itself says something.  Good job.



stuff like this really makes me wish I was not such a lazy, tv hugging moron. oh, how i wish i could be a maker



Awesome! I think that's great, it's always more enjoyable when your personal touch is added ^_~



 I liked it when you guys got personal,  and sometimes competed against each other.  Murph is a "maker".  He used cardboard to make a system case; wood, plastic, meatal, who cares, it's hands on. This hearkens back to the mags earlier years.  I'm looking forward to it.

*** "Either we conform the Truth to our desires or we conform our desires to the Truth." ***



The second they sign off on letting me into another "build a PC" challenge, I will be there with bells on.  I'm serious.

You hear them, Alex?  The people cry out for more cardboard!  : )

(great column, btw) 



I have a fever and the only prescription is more cardboard!



I remember the Murph's "hobo special" cardboard PC case. That was a good article.



I'm really looking forward to these features, especially Alex's projects.  What a great way to give the website a bit more "oomph" and not just let it sit as a rehash of the magazine.



Maximum PC, I go here all the time for Great Tech news and enjoy How To.

I love learning to things everyday. MaximumPC Kick A*** Site.


Keep Up the Great work Guys!!!



I think these new articles are a great step in the right direction for Maximum PC. I've noticed the website seems to be getting a little drab as compared to the way it was last year, and this is definetly a good way to kick it off.

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