Why Does Hollywood Give Nerds a Bad Rap?



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Keith E. Whisman

About your speculation on Star Wars. It's not really a bad thing that Lucas tried to do. I remember in Art classes my instructor always told me to fill the scene. No open areas fill it up. Leave no part of the scene empty. More is better. Make it intricate I was always told when it comes to painting and drawing and in all aspects of art including movie making I'm sure the same thing was drilled into Lucas' head at film school.

This is why films have a set that has lots of stuff in them and they are almost never out of focus so the audience has the whole set to take in as well as the subject actor or actors. If the set wasn't important then movies would be made on an empty stage with no back grounds. You would focus and derive all of your entertainment from the actors but we need to see what the charcter sees to understand the scene and the music tone to help set the mood.

So George Lucas is a genius. I don't blame the way he makes his movies for sucking. I blame the story. He needed a better story than the ones that he came up with and ultimately made movies for. The movies were artistically awsome but and the acting was great. The stories sucked.



There is a very simple reason that nerds, geeks and hackers are not common in Hollywood:  they are boring to everyone who doesn't belong to the group.

 Nerds have this fantastic ability to destroy a conversation at a party by attacking someone for a random, off-the-cuff comment that peripherally mentions technology.  For instance, when a nice looking girl mentions that her car has an mp3 player, some dork always feels the need to point out that the eight-inch jack in her car doesn't actually play anything.  Somehow, the awkward nerd at the dinner table always manages to crash the discussion with an inane comment about linux ("Well, of course your PC crashed .. you're running Vista *snort*")

 Technology is fantastically interesting to some, but in most it only produces an emotion that wavers between fear and uncertainty.

 There is another reason.  New technology, whether it is a new PC, hybrid car or your fancy new iPhone, is only a tool.  Geeks forget this.  A good movie needs a good story and good stories that are based on tools are pretty damn hard to write.  The Bond franchise does it right:  Bond gets fancy gadgets to help him defeat the bad guys.  The gadgets aren't the movie;  Bond is the movie.  The newest Star Wars movies do it wrong;  the movies feel like an advertisement for LucasArts' ability to CG anything.  Things like plot, acting, story telling and characterisation all disappear in the frantic race to put more aliens, explosions and glowing swords on the screen than were present in the last movie.



Live Free or Die Hard

Way over the top, but as much as I would like to say that the Die Hard franchise is worn out, I still catch myself watching them.



Keith E. Whisman

Well Will there are some bad nerds out there. They love anarchy and write worms and viruses to make it happen.

I always thought there should have been a sequel. Matthew Broderick in federal prison for his deeds gets released and gets back into hacking.

Also the one thing that bothered me about the film was Matthew the nerd had a girlfriend. That would never happen in real life.

Don't forget the movie Swordfish with John Travolta and Hugh Jackman and my girlfriend Halle Berry. Hugh Jackman was a hacker and a good one at that. Remember his first interview with Travolta how he had to hack a government server all while being timed and the stress of having a cute gal go down on him while a bunch of guys and gals watched. Best hacking scene ever.


fake gordon mah ung

War Games... perhaps the last movie in which Ally Sheedy could be considered hot.



I agree with you 100% about hollywood giving nerds a bad name. I tell people I'm a nerd, and they're like "no your not. You don't wear suspenders, pocket protectors, and you dont have a fancy calculator" and other people, who are even more nerdy than most of us here on MPC say that they're not nerds. Yes... You are.



You have to see "Sneakers" it is a lot of fun and computer geeks and nerds abound.

Another good film is "The Net" this is more of a thriller and really can happen to you! Once again a nerdett ( girl nerd ) gets into trouble without really trying.


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