Why Diablo III's Arena PVP Is and Isn't Quite What You Were Expecting



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Always online....even in single player is bad juju...and stupid and makes me paranoid ^^



I think the last sentence is the most appropriate unfortunately. Are we ever going to actually see it?



I need a bib so I wont mess my shirt up with drool I'm a most frothing at the mouth with anticipation for Blizzard to be done with D3. HRS & HRS of hacking fun with my twin Bastard swords.


Red Ensign

I hope I'm wrong but from this brief write up, this won't hold a candle to Guild Wars 2 PvP. I should have know better after experiencing Blizz's 2nd rate Arena amd BG pvp but it looks like they are going for pvp any simpleton can play. Too bad.



They could have allowed PvP players to put up some of their own char loot. Question is, will it only allow PvP chars to play PvP, or regular single- and multi- player chars to play in the PvP arena?

Where's the demo!!!



These are all key features that made Diablo 2 so addicting, and obviously they wouldn't give loot and gold for doing arena, it isn't meant to be a way to get good gear, its a way to show how good you are.

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