Texas Messes with Innovation



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I happened to really enjoy this article, thanks for bringing up an issue that has failed to have been talked about, and one that has been brewing in my mind recently, in the form of some previously unanswered questions. Thanks again!



Quinn, Why are you here?  I have yet to feel I haven't wasted my time reading your articles.



apparently you weren't paying attention when they put her in for legal stuff concerning technology. If you don't think patent trolls have anything to do with technology, then you are simply blind to it.


although rambus did create some technology, they are the first that come to mind.



Good article Quinn, and your purpose here is certainly more clear then that of the person above me.



I agree! I think her articles are well suited for MaximumPC. Helps keep me up-to-date on the topics that are rarely talked about on tech sites. Keep up the good work Quinn!

If humans evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?



I hope your signature is sarcastic. Have you read anything at all on the subject of evolution?

It's like saying there can be only one type of bird, one type of cat, one type of dog... Sorry, I just hate the question for having such an obvious answer (and not the one it intends to show).


On a more relevant note, IP Law really is in need of a serious update - especially considering how negatively it is affecting everything (YouTube muting fan-made videos anyone?).

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