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One company will keep me playing the PC over consoles anyday: Blizzard (And I'm not just talking about WoW, here.) 



Everyone always cries over the pc cost to console cost disparity but if anything, consoles are bridging the gap at quite an alarming rate.

Back in the day when you still spent anywhere from 1500 to 2500 on a kickass pc and you could own 3 or 4 consoles for less than 500 dollars, yeah, consoles were a nice cheap gaming platform that made plenty of ecenomic sense. Today? I just spent $800 on a PS3, 2 controllers, and an introductory game or 2. Consoles are rising in prices each generation, but the PC pricing system has been established and isn't going to change beyond general inflation.

 So with the PS3 going the road of taking over the role of a gaming PC with its keyboard/mouse support, external hard drive support, web browsing and amazing digital download support, at what point is the console/pc dividing line going to get too thin to be able to tell the difference, and the whole argument moot? My guess? If the rate of general inflation and performance and feature increases at the same rate it has been, we'll be presented with this dillema all too soon.


Replace the bike with console and the motorbike with PC, and you get the idea.

Some indie games which trade technology with gameplay, which is where I will wait for my fix of CRPG with railgun and demons and robots and aliens in it. Major game developer just are not risk taker to do a new game, in fear of losing money if the game gone bad.  Which is why we have seen damn too many WW2 fps game, MMO with bikini elves, same old sports game title, crap fest of so call RPG game.



All of this crying about how much hardware costs is rediculous. This happens every day of every month of every year but yet people don't realize that PCs are what push console technology to the next level. Despite many games being consolofied, there are many PC games that push the limit. I'm a PC enthusiast & gamer for a reason and its to enjoy the power of overclocked hardware to the fullest. I'm truly looking forward to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky, Far Cry 2, Crysis Warhead, Project Origin, Dragon Age, WoW: Wrath of the Lich King, StarCraft 2, Diablo 3, and many others that are coming down the pipeline. Why worry about the price of consoles that fail a lot & become outdated in a heartbeat? I love upgrading my PC & getting the most out of it. PC gaming? Bring it on!



Sadly I agree.  Why should people spend a few thousand dollars on a gaming PC when a XBOX 360 is $400.  Or why should they spend $60 on a game when you can get some that are a lot more fun for free or $10 or less.  My system is less than a year old and already can't handle some of the new games.  It's sad where the industry is heading, but I'll be there when it goes crashing and burning to the ground.



You don't have to spend thousands of dollars for a gaming PC.

800 bucks can get you a fairly awesome gaming PC.



You also only have to upgrade now and again.  I mean, I havent upgraded my PSU, RAM, Optical Drive, or HDD in like two years.  I just buy a new CPU and videocard, and if necessary a new motherboard.  It makes it a more gradual process instead of spending $400 for a gaming system that PCs will surpass in muscle within a year of their existence.  Plus everyone knows that the real hardcore gamers are on the PC; plus, keyboard and mouse > gamepad.



But with a console, which I do not own, you only have to pay once and for 4 years or so you are set for all the games.  I am a hardcore pc gamer and have been for years.  But I'm afraid that games like Crysis, and by that I mean games that don't scale well or at all, might become the norm and thereby make those low end gaming rigs obsolete.  Yes you can buy a decent system for $800, but if you want something thats going to play every game, like a console will, that comes out for the system then you need to spend more than $800.  My rig wasn't buy about $750 and I built it in march and I can't play Crysis and have trouble playing some of the other games.  I 150% agree that mouse + keyboard > any controller.



I've always felt I fell into the demographic of hardcore gamer, which "back in the day" meant playing on a PC. During the 90's; I laughed at all my console friends who thought they were playing "cool games." But then the PS2 and Xbox came out...and they were the ones laughing..."You spent $3,500 on your PC to play games?!"

Truth be told, I was envious and angry and humbled all at once. Here were great looking games, that were fun to play on a system that cost under $400 bucks...But I clung to my "PC superiority" attitude like it was a shield. That said, the next time I built a system I limited myself to $1,200. I was really pleased with it. Then the Xbox 360, PS3 and HighDef gaming came out...and once again I was the one grinding my teeth.

See, at some point I guess I felt tired of being on the PC treadmill. Every 6 months your PC was obsolete. I could shrug that off and say, "Yeah, well my PC still runs games fine thanks." But inside I felt burned. Betrayed. Suckerd. And I'd done it to myself.

Last year I bought an Xbox 360 and a PS3 and spent less than $1000. I get games through Gamefly and have never looked back. Once you go to the Darkside you find out it's not that bad.

I wish you all luck...I've got games to play.



I have all "next-gen consoles.

I like console gaming but, it's no match for PC gaming.

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