Release Notes: What Exactly Is a Personal Computer?



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I don't know, I always thought a PC was defined as a device that was based on the X86 architecture.  That's always how I viewed it at least.



If it has a processor, computes, and doesn't take up a whole room, it's a PC. Heck, by classificiation of what a computer is, it doesn't have to have a processor.  It can have a series of transistors that compute 1s and 0s.

That means, even Macs are PCs.  Video game systems are PCs.  Your Casio calculator watch is a PC.  Your mobile is a PC. It's kind of like all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares.  There are just different names and classifications of PCs, but they are all PCs.

 PC stands for Personal Computer.  Unfortunately "personal definition" means nothing.  There is only the definition. 

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I'd say that the strict definition of a PC is still a general-purpose processing device containing upgradable subcomponents. 

On the other hand, an iPhone is a PC of a sort. But then so are the old, decidedly unsexy Windows Mobile PDAs. I'd say that any of the modern smart phones fit this definition. They're just not as general-purpose or extensible as a laptop or desktop computer. Portable computing device, or PCD, is probably as good a term as any.



I'd say a device who's primary function is as a general computing device. I wouldn't put an iPhone or iPod (or even a PSP or DS) in that category as their primary functions are a cellphone and music player (and portable gaming devices), respectively. But I would put in something as simple as a calculator. Yes it's functionally limited, but its primary job is to do basic computations.

But this is just my own perception. I guess if you wanted to be a stickler you could say they are all "personal computers" as they are all personal devices (i.e. smaller than a refrigerator) and they all compute. But by that token so would your DVD player, microwave oven, and most coffee makers :)


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A "Personal" Computer is one that can only be accessed by the owner!

It does not contain XP-SP3. Vista, Windows 7 or any other OS containing backdoor access for the Government!

It is NEVER connected to a network or the Internet!

It's hard drive is completely encrypted by open source SOFTWARE / not HARDWARE to ensure that backdoors have been avoided!

It does not have a wireless keyboard, mouse or any other wireless device!

It is a computer that keeps YOUR data safe and out of the hands of everyone except YOU!

It normally has multiple complete backups that are on encrypted hard drive located "Offsite" in case of disaster!

And the owner of True Personal Computers never listens to security propaganda by Maximum PC Writers or anyone else because whenever you trust your security to anyone else, you have NONE!

All other computers are "PUBLIC" computers whether you want to believe it or not!

You should have listened to PeriodHyphenUnderscore and tried his tips before banning him for telling the truth!



I believe he/she is describing a file cabinet.



Yay! He's back!! Wait, let me grab my aluminum foil hat before I read this again.



most people i know would refer to a pc as a box with a separate monitor, keyboard, and mouse. :)



well just because the iphone's monitor, keyboard, etc is integrated.. doesnt mean it can't be a pc.

just look at a tablet pc. use a mac os. shrink it to size.. oh wait! its an iphone! :D

look at windows mobile smartphones... those are as much as a pc than a full size i7-975 with quad 5970s and 2x 1tb SSD on raid 0.




 Hard to say where the iPhone sits at, with tech advancing so quickly, hard not to call it a PC to an extent.


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