Release Notes: Notebook Battery Life is a Trap



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How about SSD Specs?

My OCZ Vertex Boots XP in 14 seconds but my 300X compact Flash Boots in 12 seconds on the same Atom Motherboard using the same backup of XP for both drives!

My Vertex has Identical boot time and Real World Speeds that match my 7200RPM Western Digital drive!

I can hardly wait to try booting to Transcends new 600X Compact Flash since the 300X already Kicks OCZ's Ass in Boot Times!

(Now available at NewEgg)

The Hype is everywhere!



This most likely has nothing to do with the actual speed of the drive. My guess is that your slowdown is happening somewhere between the sata controler and the actual OS (Some atom boards have trouble recognizing and or booting from early vertex drives.) Or more likely that 12-14 seconds is the fastest your atom can load xp no matter what its being loaded from. Your 300x SD card has a transfer rate of 45MB/s, compared to up to 250MB/s (depending on model) on your vertex. Personally I think a high performance drive like the vertex is a little overkill for an atom based machine. The last time I was on OCZs forums (a few months back) alot of people had trouble with atom machines even recognizing the drive, let alone booting from it. I would be interested to see you or someone else try the same test on a more powerful machine to see what the outcome is, although I do admit that 14 seconds is pretty impressive for compact flash.



12 seconds is impressive for Compact Flash!

Yeah, its weird, 12 second boot to Compact Flash on an IDE BUS vs 14 Seconds for a Vertex on a SATA Port!

Pretty Weird

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