Preview: Five Reasons RAGE is Totally Fallout, and Five Reasons It's Totally Not



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I got Fallout on the cheap and have great mods.  I'll play it 'till I can't play it anymore.  I'll wait 'till Rage is in the same position and then buy - a few years and a new video card.



...but I'm still reserved.  Despite all of the awesome tech, id hasn't had my interest since Quake 3 (even after purchasing Doom 3).  But I really do like what I'm seeing and hearing about this game.  I still don't know if it's a day 1 purchase, but I am starting to drool a bit.

re:Fallout, I wonder if id went with Bethesda to avoid a lawsuit?  Also, Fallout was a great game and all, but the Vault-Assisted Targeting was what made the combat fun -- for me at least.  Oh and also the gruesome deaths.  Going into 3rd person mode in Fallout, the lack of polish really started to show -- especially for a game whose roots were in 3rd person.  I think RAGE will stand on its one quite well as competent shooter.



Holy hell. I would love to go nuts in a RAGE waterpark. Looks to be another awesome romp through a wasteland America.

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