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WTF is Al Gore up to now? lol



See above.

Become a Patent Troll.  Thats right for $149.95 you can learn how to become a patent troll.  Buy my book, view my CD, and send me the Cash for Volume 2!!!! 

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This ad above is intendid for individuals who really should look in the mirror and discover why they are a failure in life instead of being a patent troll.

Anyways people shouldn't patent troll.  Its not a ethical business model.

nuff said



Do you accept PayPal!

If humans evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?



For frakssake, can we get some legislation against patent trolling?!

Will will say there isn't a need. Gordon will make an ambulance noise.



Someone should patent patent trolling.


The act of taking something ubiquitous and patenting it for no other reason than greed.


Svetty Parabols

Everyone owes me 2 cents for each one typed muhahahaha



This reminds of an episode of Metalocalypse...where Murderface says he is the guy in charge of writing songs for the band (an absolutely lie)


here is the dialogue as far as I can remember it...


Nathan: But you didn't write anything!

Murderface: But I could have!

Nathan: But you didn't!

Murderface: But I could have! I know I write my own basslines

Squissgar: No you didn't I have to write them and then shows them to you!

Murderface: Oh yeah.

Nathan: This is stupid, I could have invented the uh...floor! But I didn't invent it!

Murderface: But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get credit for it!


I think this sums it up nicely.



It was McDonalds, not Tim Hortons.  Now we're left with coffee for retards, complete with an extra layer of cardboard around the cup and lukewarm temperatures.



 Next someone will patent " An enclosure encasing any said number of PC parts " and sue all of the PC case manufacturers.



Really--it was only a matter of time before the Rambus Business Model was picked up by everyone else so that everyone can make money suing everyone else.



im not surpised. its like everyone else now adays, they find a easy cash cow so they make up some stupid sceme to get easy money, point and case


lady in the USA went into a tim hortons and bought a coffee and it spilt on her self so she sued them cause... get this it was hot(no way hot coffee? who has heard of that before?) all cause it didnt say on the cup cation contents may be hot. and the sad part is , she won.


or the woman that bought the motor home and put it on cruise control and went to bed in the back of the motor home, and drove off the road. and i bet you can guess it she sued the car dealership that she bought the motor home because she wasnt informed that the cruise control didnt mean she had to stay at the wheel. and again .... yes you guessed it she won


but like i said people are always looking for an easy way to get money be it sue for stupid reasons like this one. i think people need to grow up and go back to how it use to be. the only way you made money is sell things and hard work non of this bullshit lets sue everything that moves because of reason a or reason b or reason c.



that was at mcdonalds. and the elderly lady sued because the coffee was so hot it melted the cotton to her genitals and she had to get reconstructive surgery. or i may be mistaken and this happened twice, but the one i know of is the mcdonalds one. i though it was stupid at first too, but id be pretty mad too if i had to get reconstructive surgery on my crotch too.

 i doubt this will make it past trial, any competant judge can clearly see this is patent trolling.




Cotton does not melt.  It ignites.  I believe the details were that she was wearing a pair of NYLONS (which when subjected to high enough heat WILL melt, however that melting temperature is a good deal hotter than you can actually physiclly get coffee (water boils at 100 Degrees C water with coffee boils at approximately 105 Degrees C) Nylon's melt temperature is ~ 282 Degrees C leaving a shortfall of 182 degrees C necesary to melt the nylons.)  It was demonstrated in that case that the coffee could not have possibly caused the injuries to the woman, who also was not elderly she was in her thirties, yet the jury found for the plaintiff anyway and was awarded judgement which on appeal was struck down by the appellate division as being a case without merit and the judge presiding over the district court was reprimanded for allowing a meritless case to be brought forward and has since been removed from the bench.  But of course the damage was done to McDonalds reputation and McDonalds has since placed verbiage on all hot liquid containers sold to the public to wit:  CAUTION: Contents may be hot.




Instead of talking out of your asses, take a minute to search the web for the details:

It was an 81 year-old woman. She had first to third-degree burns. McDonalds was found culpable in part because of the temperature of the coffee, but also because of negligence. They settled a number of previous hot coffee burn claims out of court, yet failed to do anything about either the temperature of the coffee. McDonalds training manuals instructed franchisees to brew coffee at 195 to 205 degrees farenheit and hold it between 180 and 190 degrees "for optimal taste." The plaintiff's doctor testified that it takes less than three seconds to produce third-degree burns at 190 degrees, 12 to 15 seconds at 180 degrees. The plaintiff required skin grafts and a seven day hospital stay.

The initial award was $160,000 compensentory and $2.7 million punitive damages. On appeal, the judge lowered the award to $480,000.



To PayAtTheDoor!  As an attorney, I have had to explain this case to multitudes of Fox News sheep who believe that huge corporations constantly need to be protected from elderly and rapacious scam artists.  You would think that there is a fraudster lurking around every corner just itching to take the food out of the mouths of poor defenseless corporate CEOs.

And as for the woman who set the cruise control and went to the back of the RV, well a little research would help there, too.   (And I do mean a little research - ever here of  It never happened - at least there has never been a lawsuit alleging these or similar facts as a cause of action.  Please, turn off Fox News, Rush, etc. and educate yourselves, folks!

Finally,'s patent will most likely be held to be invalid, if for no other reason than it is apparently based on prior art.



i really didnt think it was that important to look it up. thanks though, its still pretty crappy, 3rd degree burns ftl.



She only initially sued for the costs of her medical bills not covered by Medicaid and McDonalds refused to settle!  They gambled and lost by, what, a factor of ten times?  And all the right wing blowhards still bring the case up and lie about it to make it look like corporations are victims.  Maybe if somebody boiled Hannity's nads in bad coffee it might be okay to sue for damages...



Now, now.. let's not get nasty everybody. My question is this: Who was in control of the cup when it was spilled? The person working at McDonalds, OR the lady who bought it? In my mind, if she paid for the coffee, had it in her hands, and THEN spilled it, she's at fault. Not the restaurant. I mean think about it: Let's say I buy some coffee at Starbucks, pull away from the drive-up window, then spill it trying to park the car. Should I be able to sue them for the coffee being too hot?? It's madness people! Why are people not being forced to accept responsibility for themselves?? Should we be allowed to blame anyone and/or everyone for are own stupid mistakes?? Things to ponder....

BTW: I happen to be a coffee connoisseur, and the preferred temperature for coffee is around 197 F. NEVER let boiling water touch coffee grounds. It ruines the flavor. That's why drip machines can't make great coffee.

Peace my brothers!!!


If humans evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?



McDonald's coffee has nothing to do with conoisseurs' preferences.  It has everything to do with serving mass quantities out a window to people sitting in their cars, held in flimsy cups with lids that are often either put on wrong or just leak.  Anything that can cause third degree burns within a few seconds should not be served to people in cars, as McDonald's already knew since this was not nearly the first time it had happened.  Just the first time they chose not to settle the lawsuit.



So... you believe most people aren't intelligent enough to have hot drinks
served to them at a drive through?? As you stated: "Anything that can
cause third degree burns within a few seconds should not be served to people in

I believe people need to grow up and except the fact that mistakes happen!
If you, or anyone else feels that they aren't competent enough to handle a hot
drink, then don't buy one! It's unbelievable how many whiners are living in
this country!

About the connoisseur comment: Personally I've never drank any of McDs
coffee, and probably never will. I like great coffee. I was merely pointing to
the comment that was made earlier by another reader that 190 degrees in NOT too
hot for coffee.

Thanks, that'll be all. And don't forget to tip your waitresses!


If humans evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?



I feel like those kids in these MMOs I greif and all they say in a tell is "Why". Karma I guess 'cos now I'm sending a spiritual /tell, Why.



This proves evil still lives on.....

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