Our Man in Japan: Your Quick Guide to Akihabara, the Geekiest Locale in the World



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I wonder if there is a cost to sitting down with  one of these costumed ladies to play cards while eating a rice omelette.  Sounds likie the juicy girl bars in Korea, where you pay $10 for a shot of FRUIT JUICE for a sexily clad young woman to sit with you, wiggle and giggle, cuddle and snuggle, and try to con you into buying ANOTHER $10 shot of juice.  BTW, after learning what these places were all about (the word ripoff comes to mind) , I never went to one while in Korea.



SGT Samuel E. McClard II



Of course you have to pay a premium if you want those region 1 games, if i remember correctly it's like $70-80 just for one game.  



Man, I miss this spot.  The only place (outside of a U.S. military base) to get region 1 DVDs, playstation games for American consoles and english-language PC games.  Before the age of direct downloads, Akihabara helped me to keep my sanity (everything is relative) as a gamer and lover of tech.

Great article! 

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