Murphy's Law: Will Open-Source Ruin Apple? Fat Chance.



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What about Android.  No, its not killing apple, but it is doing well enough that Im sure apple has started strategising how to minimize its potential market share.  The trick is not marketing something as open source to consumers, but marketing the hell out of that fact to developers that actually care.  Do I think open source will kill apple? No.  Not anytime soon at least.



What's the marketshare of Linux OS on desktops? How about Microsoft XP or Windows 7? So IMO, I don't think open-source will ruin Apple. No further discussions needed.



I don't like how each Apple product controls how you do things, what you can do, and what you can't do. It's like a Communist device.

 That's why none of the apple products appeal to me. If you see past the smoothness of the capacitive touchscreen, everything beyond feels so suffocating.





So locking in a game console like the Xbox is OK but when apple does it to their product they are evil?



This article forgets to mention the apple haters and yes there is alot more of us out there then the so called apple fans. Apple is only staying afloat because of its iphone and ipad the apple OS and computers are still dying out because hey who want to spend over 2 grand on a good computer that wont even play blue ray.



Bluray as a selling feature on a computer means less to the average consumer then having the capability to run linux.  Lets face it, most people that watch bluray do so on dedicated devices or PS3's and don't go through the trouble of hooking up a PC to the tv. 



Eh, it's hard to truly gauge the number of "apple haters," I would say...


Keith E. Whisman

Don't be a sellout Murph. Everyone at MaximumPC is by our very nature supposed to be an Apple hater. We didn't start the hating it was started with the Justin Long I'm a Mac and PC commercials. But by god your not going to find many Apple fans amongst the MaximumPC readers.

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