Murphy's Law: When Google Says "Do Not Pass Go," You Listen



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No sense getting upset Murph. But if you insist on using a browser that permits drive-by malware attacks, I would suggest sanboxing it or adding an extension that blocks all scripting unless you allow it.

I am also a web explorer, and have been for many years, and I trust no website until it's proven itself to be benign. I DID read your article, especially the part where you wrote about being warned and proceeding anyway. You're a true pioneer, but too many of them wound up with arrows in their backs.

I'd like you to stick around for a long time.

Thanks again.





No upsetness here.  Your posts are just a little, well.  Over the top, as it were?

Anyway, I probably should go back and reinstall noscript or some derivative thereof.  Not quite sure why I stripped it off my system (probably after one of the aforementioned OS reinstalls), but it sounds like it's time to reinstall this little guy...



I use MSSE and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. I used to use AVG but it has turned into major bloatware over the years and slowed my boot times considerably. My system seems to run more smoothly and less sluggish with my current setup. I have tried just about every other popular free and paid version of security software imaginable and my current setup is the best by far. Norton is a huge resource hog and Avast was too sluggish. By the way - in 20+ years of using PC's I have had only one virus and that was due to my own supidity. I clicked on a link that I knew was highly suspect. But I was able to clean it off with no damage.



For stuff like that, I've found that (aside from your normal antivirus) MalwareBytes, Spybot Search and Destroy, and SuperAntispyware work wonders on removing malware infections.



I use Norton as my main line protection. I haven't been infected since switching from Mcaffee. But, When I have to deal with friends PCs, because they were stupid enough to follow a link after being warned not to... From Safe mode run Malwarebytes, if the system is so screwed that I cannot enter safe mode, which is possible the only option is a flatten and reload. If Malware bytes comes up clean after the second pass in safe mode then run hitman pro after rebooting. There are fixes from Symantec for editing the registry to fix the taskbar and CMD. I would never take my PC to Geek Squad though, But then again I wouldn't have built a PC with a cardboard case either.



I'd suggest virtualizing your browser and using a better AV program. Since you're going the free route like me I'd go with Avast! (free and better than MSSE) and Comodo Firewall. Avast's web shield would have blocked it. If it didn't the program virtualization with Comodo Firewall would have been your second defense.

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