Murphy's Law: The Web Opens Wide



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Haha, nice article. 

I think launching a web application is just easier. In order to promote a binary application, you need people to download and install your program. Of course, there's always the risk that the newly downloaded tool is just malware. The web provides a safe platform where people have easy access to rich applications without any commitment. In short, it's easier to get people to adopt.

Conversely, I have to agree with you with the Web app spam. The web's advantages doesn't really make it a silver bullet. There are a host of applications out there that just make you stop and say "Wow, really?" Maybe we've reached the level when the market for web apps is truly supersaturated-- but I think we could make a little room for cool things like Google Wave. ;)




That's basically the point we're reaching these days. Check out Flock, the Mozilla browser about ALL social networks. There is a button on the URL bar that actually is meant to email links to people, the Facebook chat function is on the browsers bottom at ALL times, there is a Youtube media bar that can be turned off and on with keybinds. Also can have twitter and facebook updates on another function on the side. The only thing this browser is missing to be the "Ultimate social browser" would be to have something like pidgin natively installed, and since it's made by mozilla, someone will come up with a plugin for this to be a possibility.

The internet nowadays is basically a Cloud based database of everybody's lives, with Facebook, Twitter (Which i am guilty of liking, but i don't put anything important up there) I know people that post every second of their lives on Facebook and document it with pictures and "notes" to completely put their lives out there on a not so secure website.

Social networking is useless as can be, and the world is taken over by useless technology as usual. Cell phones are now meant for social networking, email and text messaging. Phoning someone is a lost art, which is what  cell phone is, a telecommunications device, numbers on the front of it, and a reciever, it sends sound from one end to the other, however nobody knows this anymore and acts surprised when they get a phone call, but can't be bothered to lift their heads up to stop texting, updating facebook with whatever stupid puckered lip picture of someone they claim to be a best friend but will be hated in a week, and the story behind it. 

Making the internet available on phones is making this whole situation about making as much uselessness out of Web 2.0just that much more successfull.

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.

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