Murphy's Law: It's a Mad, Mad, Add-On World



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I'm (a little) ashamed to say that I haven't bothered to give Chrome more than a 10-minute tryout simply because I don't want Google any more involved in my computing life than it already is. Seeing the big advertising push for Chrome just cemented that opinion.

Does no one see a conflict of interest here? A for-proft company which
derives the vast majority of its income from web-based ad clicks
building its own browser? The potential for abuse of user statistics is

The Mozilla Foundation does only a couple of things, and it does them well. It doesn't want to take over your desktop experience. It doesn't want to index your life. It's not trying to horn in on the consumer electronics market. It produces a browser, an email client, and some minor bits of related software. I trust it to continue doing so.


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