Murphy's Law: How About an Open-Source Beer Machine... and More!



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I use the BASIC Stamp 2 for my microcontroller projects, I like it. goto they have al kinda of stuff for it.



It's a very easy chip to get started on, as it's popular (meaning lots of support available) and PBASIC is a programming language anyone can learn (and hopefully grow to hate, but that's just my opinion).  However, I'm 95% sure that it's proprietary, which rather defeats the purpose of the article.  Arduino was cited because it's the most well-known (maybe the only one? Idk) open source hardware platform.  As fun as just screwing around with microcontrollers is, I think that was kinda secondary.



Finally... I can drink beer without having to pay only $10 for a 24-pack. Why would you build such a thing when cleary it's more less expensive just to buy? Eh. Still a great article though.  



I've been home brewing for years. You don't make your own beer to save money. You make your own beer because it's a fun hobby that produces some outstanding beer you created yourself.



Why build a PC when you can just head on over to and order a nice, inexpensive machine?

Seriously though.  I'm no beer snob, but I would venture that brewing your own beer featuring the customized tastes you want to include would bring more joy than heading down to the local grocery store and buying a pack of Natty Ice.

Yeah, it costs money to make your own beer.  So?




 Making your own beer is a good idea. Nothing beats Pacifico, but making it you can add chocolate...or maybe chicken flavor? Adunno, what i mean is Murph is right, you can make anything you want with homebrew breweries. I like some of these....the WTF button is one i'd make easily.

 I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.



Perhaps it is a good idea, but in all seriousness it takes a lot of time, it's damn worth it after you're done though. But truly, in an economy like this, I can't really afford to waste any money. 





 LEX Brew!


"It's the most powerful alcahole in the two universes!"

-Satified Customer

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