Murphy's Law: 5 Ways Google Could Drop the Open-Source Ball in 2010



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I totally agree with the branding issue; it's kinda ridiculous that both the OS and browser have dangerously similar names.  However, I think once they've created an official build of the OS, they'll probably come up with a better name than would hope...

I seriously thought Google would break the mold when it came to creating their own phone.  I thought they would apply the same open-source ideals, as they do with pretty much all of their software.  It would’ve been nice if they sold the phone exclusively, allowing consumers to tune the phone to the network they plan to activate it on.  Would’ve been nice...if reality wasn’t a factor...

It will be interesting to see how the cloud, netbooks, and Google's OS interact in the future.  I wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing netbooks with SSDs less than 5GB in size, since (in Google’s mind) the cloud would facilitate all of our storage needs.  In my mind however, the cloud (as it currently exists) should serve as a supplementary data storage system, not a primary one.  Until we have low-cost internet access everywhere, the cloud’s most useful feature (at least in my opinion) will continue to be that of a back-up tool.


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 to be fair the Goggle Phone is open and unlocked AND feature rich...the problem is only 2 carriers are actually up to speed, in short Nexus One is ahead of it's time....

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 Here's another branding tip: Don't name all of your products "Chrome."

For the first 1/4th of this article, I thought you were talking about Chrome, the browser. Turns out you were talking about Chrome, the OS. Did they consolidate branding in the wrong place? 


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