Murphy's Law: Cisco's Closed, but Speedy Network Solution



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This is actually quite an impressive piece of gear. Too bad Cisco's marketing group elected to send the announcement to general interest publications, thus ensuring a gigantic "meh" from 90% of the planet



Not necessarily. You still have the cable (Or wireless signal) from your house to the home office which degrades the signal and ping times. And then the service provider that you have, while they may have this system for carrier to carrier routing, doesn't mean they have blazing fast switches internally. So my guess is yes it would, just not by leaps and bounds.




if adopted, wouldn't this help ping times and lag for gaming? This is something that has plagued gamers for some time now because of the growth of the internet. That would certainly benefit the home user. I know this article focuses more on home users devices, but I had better ping times with my old us robotics 56k modem than I do with a 25mb cable install.

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