Murphy's Law: Breaking the Gavel on Google Android for Netbooks



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... the a) I want one and b) who cares about competing developers / apps / systems and c) it's a closed device.

Let's hear everyone bitch about iPhone apps ...

Oh, and Intel just bought Wind River. Let's see, cpu's, graphics, mobo's, SSD's, an OS. Nope, nothing to see here. Just move along.





If andriod comes with a half-decent music player, a web-browser and an offline mapping tool (like MS streets and trips) IE google earth, then im sold and i want a copy for my laptop. Since my AspireOne is NEVER on the internet, all of my applications (mainly my Nod32) bitch and moan about not having updates, plus XP is kinda slow on the weak computer. I find that linux isn't exactly easy to use, especially when you're used to using windows and knowing loads about it. My question is, "when can i download Andriod? and how hard is it to cram it in my laptop?" heh heh heh       -Denis

 EDIT: who cares if applications dont work, how much stuff do you really do with your under-powered netbook\nettop?



um maybe decent functionality? what happens if i want to convert an flv to a mp3 and i have no app for that? i have to find one but oh wait i fergot im on an island os and there arent those type of things yet, oh well just have to install ubuntu again, >o< "A computer is useless without  the applications to make it usefull"

Being a true power user does not matter what specs you have but mearly how much guts you have

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