Murphy's Law: Adobe, Chill. Apple, Chill. Let's See Some Benchmarks!



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 Apple isn't just the oil, but an oil fire, and as we all know, water makes oil fires worse! They burn their loyal followers, they burn those that want to try an iWasteofmoney. They burn everyone! Heck, wonder boy Steve-Oh was FIRED from Apple once already because he's out of his freaking mind. It looks like it's going to have to happen again, only this time he shouldn't be welcomed back at all...


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



Maybe this is all some sort of elaborate publicity stunt where the two companies trade public jabs at each other and shit-talk like boxers do only to sell some sort of product thats mutually beneficial to both companies; like if the next gen ipad or iphone was flash compatible. then everyone will midnlessly throw money at them and think they have the best of both worlds with their new gadget that now "MAGICALLY"  supports flash



I love how Apple is giving the illusion that they embrace open standards and open source (supposedly a lot of OS X is open source), but in reality they just want, as people have said, you locked down in their world. The one thing that kills all of their openess is their EULA. I figure a way I see it is "It's all open!... *under the breath* To Apple's hardware"

And while having Flash controlled solely by one entity probably isn't the best thing for computers, neither is Apple trying to shape the world to its benefit... which it's currently getting an upper hand in. How many people want to bet that the reason why major news and media streaming outlets were quickly trying to roll out HTML5 (IIRC, the standard was standard just last year) just because Apple refused Flash?

And Apple wants to talk about bloaty crashy software? Look at their Windows versions of their software. iTunes is bloaty. Quicktime is bloaty. And Safari is buggy.. at least that was my initial impression back in 3.0 Beta (the browser would crash if you tried to bookmark something. If Apple couldn't get a simple thing down, then I lost all confidence they'd get it right).

Would I still be in a right mind to say Apple is similar to... scientology?



Back it up with Benchmarks??
If Steve did that he'd loose just about every battle.

Remember the ultra-tall lie about how the "Chips in the G5 were twice as fast as a PC" and in real world benchmarks the G5 got stomped and they were forced to pull the ads in many countries??

Same lies different day.
I will never buy an Apple made product because of things like that.
Apple is NOT a software company!
They are a HARDWARE company and only make software to lock you into their hardware eco-system.
If they can't control it, they can't force you to buy their products in the future.
They want you to pay for 250 apps so you will never want to leave the iPad/Pod/Phone world cuz you will loose those apps.
If you can play Flash Games for free they can't lock you in.







It has nothing to do with security or performance. It all comes down to control. Jobs won't touch Flash cause he can't control it. Adobe knows Flash is the de facto standard and is going to fight tooth and nail to keep it that way.

Flash is bloated and horribly inefficient, but so is Quicktime. 

"Apple dictates how you use its devices, not the other way around"

And this is exactly why Apple products will *never* have Flash, no matter how much users complain. 

And com'n Murph, you guys are MaximumPC! Do the benchmarks, man! Grab a netbook and loop a video encoded in Flash, Theora, and H264, and see which one drains the battery first. Isn't this what you guys do? Not a perfect test as to how Flash would run on an Apple device, but it's a start.



"It has nothing to do with security or performance. It all comes down to control. Jobs won't touch Flash cause he can't control it."


I'd be happy to donate my iPhone to a Flash test, for what it's worth.  ; )



Another apple article blah. I will always back adobe because the cause macs to fail adobe ftw! And why does this site suck so much for mobile browsers the damn italics button won't un-selct but at least the spam filter is gone?

Live, Learn, and Shut the Fuck Up. 



Well, how often do you see two CEOs go toe-to-toe like these guys?  And given that half of Jobs' argument relates to the idea of open versus proprietary software... seems fair game for a column, no?



Flash's crashing on Apple's operating systems was something, "to do with
the Apple operating system,"

Hm... I do recall reading something to this effect lately... 

This is where it gets good, because he literally repeats one of Jobs' six
pillars of Flash hate
: "reliability, security, and performance" are
not as good as Microsoft would like them.

Oh wait, it's the opposite.



Fun Fact: That screenshot is from the Arcade game Primal Rage, it was essentialy a Mortal Kombat clone, but with animals


IMHO, it suits this article quite well



I played with Vertigo and won the majority of the time! aside from that the game was crappy



I'm glad you like it.  I almost 'shopped the various CEOs heads on said dinosaurs, but, well... I thought that might be too much.  ; )

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