IP Rights Fairy Tale



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At least writers like you are exposing such blatant disrespect for individuals.  Here's another article about this:




I read this in the magazine earlier, but it certainly bears a re-read.  The DMCA is bad news and should be seriously examined by a more qualified body than Congress for revision or repeal.  Seriously, how can we expect such a group of disparate old folks to understand something so techologically complex?  My mother is still mastering the whole cut and paste thing, and she's the same age as the senior Senator here in North Carolina.  

Keep up the good work, Quinn.  I've enjoyed your articles, especially in their watchdog capacity.  These are issues that affect everyone, not just IP attorneys.  I'm glad that MaximumPC sees that and has brought you on as a columnist.



 I would venture that it's been re-posted because it's one hell of an article, both in writing and content. It's reposted now because those who don't have the subscription can find out what they're missing, and this issue should be posted in PDF any day now if not already.


Quinn, when I first read your intro blurb about how you were going to be a regular contributor, I was initally put off, thinking how Copyrights and DRM was not something I cared to really read about, and that the space could be better utilized. I am happy to say I was wrong, and I'm sorry. I've enjoyed your articles immensely and look forward to the next. Belated welcome and keep up the good work.


"There's no time like the future."



I must have missed this in the mag then.


and seriosly, this is just wrong



Why are we reposting articles from the magazine months afterwards?



Slows news day?



our country at it's finest

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