Hard Case: Where’s My Multi-Touch?



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Good to see him writing and podcasting again, hope to see more.



Did anyone else notice that the photo of the 6 monitors appears to move when you are reading teh text below it?

Just asking...


I am the very model of a modern major General


Hg Dragon

If it's simply an issue of navigating across multiple screens, why not use a regular touchscreen. Granted, the majority of them don't have the tops in picture quality and are 4:3 sizes, but they work perfectly fine. I currently have a 17" Elo touchpanel on my desk for a second monitor that we removed from one of our locations when we switched POS hardware. Sure, I don't game on it and don't do heavy content creation or graphics work, but for the everyday IT support work I do, it is perfectly serviceable. I've been contemplating swapping the head for our Anti-Virus server that sits on my desk for a touchpanel as well.

Outside of content creation, image manipulation, or photo editing needs, I think multi-touch is just a cost-increasing bullet-point. Besides, how many applications truly support it? Windows 7 might but that doesn't mean application developers will use it,or use it "right" for that matter.




First I just have to say I'm so glad to see Loyd here on Maximum PC!  I was super bummed by the whole ExtremeTech fiasco but if it means that we get Loyd writing here and possibly in print then it was all for the best at least as far as I'm concerned.  Anyway, it's great to see you writing here Loyd!  :)

Anyway, as far as all this multi-monitor stuff is concerned, I hate to admit it, but I'm just not all that excited at least when it comes to gaming.  Don't get me wrong, I have a dual-monitor setup at home, and I find it quite useful to be able to have more apps open and viewable at the same time, but I still only use the one monitor for gaming.

There are just too many downsides as far as I see it.  First of all you've got to buy how many monitors?  Sure they're getting better and cheaper every day, but then do you have enough room for them?  Do you have a good way to mount them all together?  Will all your games support the effect and not look insanely distorted in certain configurations?  Then of course there's the crosshair issue that Modred189 brought up too.  These are just some issues off the top of my head, but even if every one of them was easily solved, I still HATE the way multi-monitor setups look with the bezels breaking up the image so much.  It then begs the question, why not just buy a bigger single monitor or use a projector if you want a really large single image for gaming?



It's great to see Loyd on Max PC, get his ass on the Podcast people!!!



Good to see you here at Max, Loyd, since the ET shens. 

Anyway, I really agree wwith you regarding the need for a new paradigm in interface for the new screen capabilities on the horizon. However, I do think that the elimination of any real bezel is going to be vital. I mean, I have 2 22" LCD's, but I do not do multi-monitor gaming for one reason... Because  almost ALL games' action happens directly in the middle of the screen... i.e. where the two screens meet. Thus, the targeting reticle is split between the two screens. 

The only way this is possible is if you have an odd numberXodd number screen config. 1X3, 3X3 etc... Just not economical compared to 2 screens or 4 (2X2).

 Also, these ideas (Eyefinity and multitouch etc) are nice, but there needs to be a reason, an application to utilize it. To be honest, what is the likelilhood that a touch-based interface will be more efficient than a mouse? (excepting  things like photoshop and other artistic endeavors,a nd for that Wacom has the Cinique, which is nearly perfect imho)


I just fear that these technologies will be hampered like physX (not equating them of course) in that they really do not have much of a value proposition beyond cool factor and e-peen, and a a result, truly interesting, innovative products (like Surface) will be few and far between... 



Gee, maybe it's time to upgrade the plain white arrow we've used since Windows was born to something easier to spot, track, and use.  I have 3 displays and have created my own cross-hair like cursors which I find works out much better for al three categories.

For the problem of movement across larger displays perhaps you could simply add a thumb button to the mouse that doubles the sensitivity when held in, giving you more fine control when you release it.  If we find better cursor images that stand out against any background through sublte animation or coloring, the mouse can still be a great solution.



"For the problem of movement across larger displays perhaps you could simply add a thumb button to the mouse that doubles the sensitivity when held in, giving you more fine control when you release it. "

That's a freaking phenomenal idea. Gaming mice often have this ability already, all you have to do is make it not a toggle, but a press-and-hold. 

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