Hard Case: Interface Madness



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I'm also glad to see Loyd doing things after Extreme Tech. It has become a ghost town as of late. 


USB 3.0 I'm looking forward too. I will most likely wait until prices fall and Intel gets it into a new southbridge chip spec. I'm also wonderding, where is FireWire 3.2Gbps interface at? Is FireWire really dying?

SATA IO 6Gbps is another format I will be happy to see. Like USB 3.0, I will wait until prices fall in the SSD section (as well as more 6Gb versions of SSD to come out) and Intel gets it into a chip spec. 

Displayport I am ready for it NOW! I see the potential of the technology, and I am dissappointed that more manufactures are not adding this great technology into products. Let VGA go under six feet, we'll have a nice funeral for it, put DVI in a resting home, and bring on the Displayport. Monitor and GPU manufactures, please start releasing product with this technology. 

HDMI 1.4 would be good once I upgrade my TV. I have a PS3 dying for more bandwidth. 

 PCIe 3.0 is a tech that won't be mainstream too soon. I don't need a lot of graphic power (unless they make the GPU more productive in my pro programs), but I would upgrade. So Intel, get that chipset ready. 

 Light Peak is a wildcard for me. I would have to see more product demostration to see what it will actually do. Will it really replace all of our connections? I haven't seen enough nor made up my mind about this technology yet. 


All in All, the future is very promising!


Electronically charged



I've never heard of LightPeak but it sounds awesome. Could it be a reason why Intel has not yet adopted USB 3.0?



 Loyd Case is credit to team! Great job delivering the crazy upgrades! These articles of yours are always a good read.






I used to listen to Lloyd on the Extreme Tech podcat and was disappointed when they shut that down. It's great to see him contributing to Max PC. I'd like to hear him more on the podcast! Anybody want to second that?



 "Sheesh, It's just one man's opinion..."   -Me





Electronically charged

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