Hard Case: Addicted to the App Store



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I think that this misses the target and ignores why Apple exerts tight control and why others don't with the associated side effects. There is simply no company that obsesses over the user experience more than Apple, period. Their whole paradigm depends on it, and as a satisfied Apple customer, I hope they wouldn't change this. 



If Apple cared about the user experience, they would add a right mouse button and a Delete key (not Backspace).

I really do hope that eBooks soon are released on an open format, they are just text after all.  If I buy 20 eBooks for a Kindle and 7 years later want to buy the new Nook, I don't want to lose those books.  I want to be able to transfer them over and not lose them.  I don't want to be locked into a platform for 30 years. 



apple mouse  has right and left buttons ,apple mouse appears looks like it has one button(cosmetically) but in fact there is two button,also don't forget the new and only magic(touch) mouse which is awesome.



Yea I totally agree with the book transferring problem. If the ebooks are supposed to 'replace' books, then I want At Least what I can do with them now. I can read my book anywhere once I buy it. I don't need to wear some find of 'exclusive gloves' to read it. Just like music, mp3s, I will never ever buy anything that has a protected format or something of that kind. I want to put my music where I want anytime, just like I could with a CD. Why were mp3s also so great? It's that I got a bonus of being able to put it on other devices, not just CD players.

The same kind of application needs to be applied to ebooks for this kind of 'technology' to go through.

Similar concept applies to battery life. I don't care much that I can get a really long battery lifespan between charges on an ebook; people get used to the idea of electronic devices needs charging, just like a laptop. I find it's more important to give me what I can do with a real book. If I want a certain page in a book, I can browse like a maniac all I want to find a page I'm looking for. Has anyone tried these book readers? It's slow and not impressive at doing that task. So this is also another example, until there gets some real common sense put into these 'new' appliances, forget it. I won't buy it. 

What's sad, is some people will actually listen to these 'analysts' who will say "the market wasn't ready for these kind of devices"; regardless of what market this context is applied to.

Thanks for the column Mr. Case. 



My delete key and backspace work fine. Might be your keyboard broken?

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